Ensemblefestival 2020

Both concerts planned for Tempus Konnex have been postponed until the spring 2021 due to corona.

More exact details are to come. You can find further information at www.ensemblefestival.de



Concert I (19th Nov, 2020 at 7:30pm)


Dimitri Kourliandski 

Dasein (2019)


Lisa Streich

Francesca (2016/2019)


Michael Beil

caravan (2017)


Raphael Cendo

Faction (2011)



Concert II (21st of Nov., 2020 at 7:30pm)

Oscar Bianchi work commissioned by the 2020 Ensemblefestival

World premiere

Written for the ensemble Tempus Konnex




Winners of the first international Ensemblefestival Composition Competition


1st place: not awarded


2nd place: Tobias Fandel

rational choices (2019)


2nd Place: Rafael Rentería 

Dark eyes full in Gore (2020)


3rd place: Jug K. Marković 

m-Tongue (2016/2019)






Flute: Sonja Horlacher
Oboe: Qing Lin
Clarinet: Emanuel Dantscher
Bassoon: Peng-Hui Wang
Percussionists: Galdric Subirana & Stefan Stopora
Accordion: Krassimir Streve
Piano: Alberto Carnevale Ricci
Violin: Jacobo Hernández Enríquez
Viola: Jessica Ling
Cello: Nathan Watts
Contrabass: Pierre Dekker
Guitar: Martin Steuber


Conductor Claudio Vandelli