26 October 2018 in Dessau, Bauhaus

30 October 2018 Halle, Steintor-Varieté


2018 Impuls Festival für Neue Musik | Sachsen Anhalt

Ensemble: Tempus Konnex

Hans Rotman: Director of Impulsfestival

Annette Schlünz: Director of the Masterclass for Young Composers

Concept, German text and staging by Astrid Vehstedt
Video projections by Sascha Kummer

»Breaking News!«

The world premier of a cycle of 5 compositions, commissioned by Impuls and composed by the participants in the 2018 IMPULS masterclass: Apolline Jesupret <http://www.impulsfestival.de/2018/komponist/apolline-jesupret/>, Beste Öçelebi <http://www.impulsfestival.de/2018/komponist/beste-oezcelebi/>, Cya Bazzaz <http://www.impulsfestival.de/2018/komponist/cya-bazzaz/>, Junyu Guo <http://www.impulsfestival.de/2018/komponist/junyu-guo/>, Loïc Le Roux <http://www.impulsfestival.de/2018/komponist/loic-le-roux/>.

Five young composers from five different countries address texts by author Astrid Vehstedt in the international masterclass at the Bauhaus Dessau under the direction of Annette Schlünz. Modern news coverage, war reports and their consequences are some of the themes discussed in the news broadcasting-like setting. Fast information - breaking news - forms a contrast to the act of reflecting. The singer, vocal artist and actress Salome Kammer embodies the five monodramas set to music as either a moderator, speaker or an anchorwoman from a news station, supported by video projections by the Leipzig filmmaker Sascha Kummer. 

Conductor: Nodoka Okisawa
Solist: Salome Kammer
Flute: Sonja Horlacher
Oboe: Qing Lin
Clarinet: Emanuel Dantscher
Percussion: Reggy van Bakel
Piano: Yuka Beppu
Violin: Jessica Ling
Cello: Esther Saladin
Director of Tempus Konnex: JiYoun Doo